Galmudug is a secular, decentralized state in the central region of Somalia. The administrative capital, south Galcayo, is based in the southern half of the city and district of Galkayo. To the north is Puntland, to the west is Ethiopia, and to the south and east is the rest of Somalia, presently control under Somali Transtional Federal Government. The name is a combination of Mudug and Galgaduud. Unlike the secessionist Somaliland region northwestern Somalia, Galmudug, like the northern Somali region of Puntland, is not trying to obtain international recognition as a seperate nation. It considers itself federal divison within a larger federal republic of Somalia, such as defined by the 2012  Federal Constitution(SFG).


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State residents are ready to work for peace and development and welcome anyone to invest in making employment-creating youth to land development


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State residents will have a greater need for the development of health, education and water and livestock and people's lives depend on all the responsibility for good governance

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Galmudug  President (right)

Abdi Hassan Awale (Qaybdiid)

GMS House Speaker

Hon. Hassan Hayl